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Vacation Rental Design & Setup

About the service:

We help homeowners transform their home rental into the most profitable properties in the short-term rental market.

Through smart and creative, multifunctional design, our experts will guarantee to boost nightly rates, get raving online reviews and earn homeowners the extra income they deserve.

Design & Setup service for real estate investors who are looking to convert their property to a short term rental business. By the end of our project, you will be ready to host your guests!

Our team of designers will provide a unique design optimized to the Short Term Rental market, so you can get with higher rental prices, more frequent bookings and five-star reviews! 


We offer an end-to-end service that removes all of the hassles from setting up your investment, to be a beautiful, hotel-like, property, in the quickest time to market possible.


We have over 200 STR projects under our belt, in several different cities, just over the last 2 years. We provide gorgeous designs, transparent process, and flawless execution for Investors and Property Managers.

What is included:
  • A wide selection of professional high-end interior design concepts or a custom-tailored design to fit your branding and style

  • Full design & sourcing service, including wholesale rates on furniture, electronics, decor, kitchen and linen from our partner's suppliers

  • Best-in-class white glove delivery & installation service- we take care of warehousing, destination delivery, furniture assembly, wall hangings and staging.
    We stress about delivery logistics so you don’t have to!

Why choose Stylishome?
  • You’ll make more money- based on, units we have designed are selling up to 40% better than similar units in the area

  • You’ll save money- you get access to our wholesale volume discounts/ designer rates

  • We’re fast- we can design,  furnish, install, style & photographs all within up to a 2-week timeline!  Shorter Time-to-Market so you could get your ROI faster

  • We can scale- whether you need a design for one unit or an entire building, Stylishome team can handle it around the world!

Accepting clients anywhere in the United States and Canada.

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